On May 19, the Bears of San Francisco celebrated our 25th Anniversary with a reception
and beer bust at the iconic San Francisco Eagle.  The weather looked a bit dicey that morning, but cleared just in time for the party to start.  

Throughout the party, TV monitors at the bar showed photos and videos from the
club's first quarter century. Thanks to  Paul Almy, Darwin Bebo, Lynn Ludwig, Desmond Miller,
Jeremy Prince, Jose Sarna and Rich Stadtmiller for allowing us to use these images -

and for being historians for the Bay Area LGBTQ communities. 

The original video files are too large to post here, but below are a sampling of many of the images that we shared that day. Look for additional video montages to be added to this page as they become available. Look for your picture, check out your friends from the past, and share this page with bears that have moved away from the area.  And, most all, enjoy these photos!


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